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Scientific Document ini disandarkan kepada:

Provided by: University of Minnesota, Entomology Dept., Apiculture Lab

Queen Nectar
Drone Worker
Potential Queen Colony
Pheromone Hive
Propolis Beebread
Swarm Pollination
Queen - This is a female bee in the hive that lays all of the eggs. There is only one queen in a colony. The queen does not leave the hive except to mate, or when the colony swarms.
Drone - These are the male bees in the colony. Their only job is to mate with a new queen. In the fall the workers kick them out of the hive. They do not have a stinger.
Worker - These are the female bees in the hive. Some of their duties are to clean cells, feed larvae, attend the queen, make propolis, build cocoon, guard the entrance, fan their wings to cool the hive or to dry honey, and collect pollen, nectar and water.
Colony - This is the name for a family of bees made up of a queen, thousands of workers and hundreds of drones.
Hive - This is the name of the box or structure in which a colony of bees live.
Pheromone - This is the name of a chemical given off by a bee to communicate something to other bees. For example the alarm pheromone is given off by bees to warn of danger.
Swarm - This happens when a colony is going to reproduce. They raise a new queen and the old queen and about 1/2 of the workers leave to find a new home.
Larva - When an egg hatches it becomes a larva. During this period the worker bees must feed it.
Nectar - This is the sweet substance that bees collect from flowers that they later turn into honey inside the hive.
Honey - This is the final product the bees make from nectar. They use it as food (carbohydrate).
Beebread - This is fermented flower pollen mixed with bee saliva and honey as a as food the colony.
Propolis - This is a resin collected from evergreen trees and is returned to the hive and used to seal cracks and sanitize areas of the hive.
Pollination - This is the fertilization of flowers. This is done by the bees when they visit the flowers to collect pollen. Smoker - This is a tool used by the beekeeper to calm the bees. The smoke interferes with the bees' ability to transmit alarm pheromones, it also makes the bees eat honey because of a natural instinct to load up on honey in a forest fire.
Instinct - This is the ability to do something without being taught.
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